Cypress Magazines has been publishing specialty magazines since 1991, when its founder, Jack Crittenden, graduated from American University’s Washington College of Law. Crittenden founded the company in Fairfax, Virginia and launched the The National Jurist magazine for law schools in August 1991. 

At first, The National Jurist was distributed in the Northeast. But over the next seven years, it grew in readership and geographic reach until it was national.


In 1997, the company began publishing a preLaw magazine, which is still the only publication for prospective law students.

Cypress Magazines took over publication of Golf Inc. magazine in 1998. Alan Crittenden, Jack’s father, had founded the real estate and

business magazine in 1991. Alan also founded a golf conference in 1988 that Cypress took over in 2005.

Cypress Magazines began publishing Club Management on behalf of the Club Management Association of America in March 2017. 

In October 2020, Alan Crittenden retired as President of Crittenden Research, Inc. and sold the company to his son, Jack. Cypress Magazines and Crittenden Research entered into a joint operations agreement under the name Crittenden Partners.

The company opened a San Diego office in 2001 and closed the Virginia office in 2004. It opened a Salt Lake City regional office in 2016 and an office in the Idaho Falls, Idaho region in 2021. 

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