The International Jurist is a magazine for foreign attorneys who are interested in studying law in the U.S. It will be published twice a year — in the Spring and in the Fall. The Spring issue is digital-only and the Fall issue is published as part of the Fall issue of The National Jurist, in both print and digital.

The issue is distributed digitally to more than 10,000 readers, including international attorneys interested in pursuing a graduate law degree, law professors and administrators at law schools across the globe, and other interested readers.

Award Winning Editorial
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Advertising Opportunities
Advertisers receive ads in the digital magazine, website and e-newsletter, with guaranteed combined digital readership of 10,000 views during the 6 months the issue is available. The 2016 issue included 50,000 print issues.

Website: Advertisers receive a leaderboard or medium rectangle ad on our robust webpage for foreign attorneys on NationalJurist.com. This page features breaking news and monthly advice.